5 Easy Steps on How to Play French Roulette 2021

5 Easy Steps on How to Play French Roulette 2021

The game of French roulette is similar to the game of regular roulette in some casinos in other countries. However, if you still do not know what it is, you can understand how to play French roulette

In casinos, French roulette is the most sophisticated gambling game available. A croupier at Monte-posh Carlo’s Casino de Monte-Carlo says:

“The holy grail of roulette is French roulette. It’s choreography, like a ballet. The stakes are high, but our players maintain their poise and elegance”

A croupier at a casino can no longer say that, because French roulette has been relegated to the bulky waste since 2011.

Because the large French roulette tables exude an undeniable allure. The game is similar to the ‘American’ roulette that is now popular in the world, but it is more enticing and entertaining. There are a couple of minor differences in the game’s rules.

How to Play French Roulette

1. French Roulette Definition

To clarify what is meant by “French roulette,” consider referring to the traditional form of roulette, in which French is the official language. A rake ( râteau ) is used to move the chips around the table by several croupiers.

This is in contrast to ‘American’ roulette. American roulette tables are much smaller, there is no French spoken, and there is only one croupier who does everything by hand.

The term “French roulette” is sometimes used to refer to the one-zero roulette variant. The roulette game with a double zero is known as American roulette. This is perplexing because its roulette has only one zero.

2. Hot It Played

1. The Chips (Token) 

You play American roulette with fairly thick value chips. Many casinos allow you to select your own chip color, ensuring that it is always clear who placed which wager.

In French roulette, you play with thinner tokens that are always marked with a value. You are unable to experiment with your own color.

There were tokens with a mark on them at the French roulette table, such as a red stripe running through the middle. This is how to play French roulette. This could then be assigned to a single player, similar to how a ‘color’ in American roulette is assigned to a single player.

2. The Croupiers 

One of the reasons why there are at least two croupiers at the table in French roulette but only one croupier in American roulette is that the different bets in French roulette require more careful monitoring.

A French roulette table is also significantly larger than an American roulette table. As a result, at least two croupiers are required. However, there are usually three croupiers and always a higher-ranking chef who keeps an eye on several French roulette tables.

By the way, the croupier in American roulette sits at the gaming table, whereas the croupiers in French roulette are seated. 

The roulette wheel has two croupiers, one to the left and the other to the right. There is still a croupier at the bout de table, or head of the table, on occasion. The roulette wheel is in the hands of the chef.

French roulette players frequently sit at the judi qq gaming table.

3. Le Rateau

Because the French gaming table is so large, the croupiers use a râteau, or rake, to place the chips and push losing bets towards them.

This is also why tokens are used in French roulette: their round edges and thin size allow them to slide easily over each other. This is not possible with the thicker, angular-edged chips. Croupiers with experience can perform spectacular feats with their râteau and tokens.

The losing bets in French roulette are not thrown into a hole and sorted by a machine. No, all tokens are manually sorted by the croupiers.

3. Different Layout

The so-called neighbor print is excluded in French roulette. There are usually spaces for combinations like big runs and zero games.

On the table, some squares are in a different location. The dozens, for example, are located at the bottom of the page, next to the columns, rather than on the long side on how to play French roulette.

4. French Roulette Rules

The only difference between French and American roulette is when the zero is struck.

You get half your bet back if the ball rolls into zero on a standard roulette table (red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36). When the zero falls in an online casino and you have bet on a single chance, you almost always lose your bet.

In French roulette, you have the option of getting half your bet back or going to prison.

You will be paid immediately if you want half of your bet returned. In French roulette, this is referred to as partage. Half of your wager is for you, while the other half is for the bank.

In French, en prison means “in prison.” Your entire bet will be moved to the side of the single chance box if you choose en prison. In some casinos, the croupier will mark your bet as well.

If your bet wins the next spin, it is released from prison and you receive your entire wager back.

In some casinos, if your bet is in prison and the zero falls again, you have lost your bet. In some casinos, your bet is doubled, but not in this one. To get your bet back, you must win the next two spins.

There is no such thing as a triple en prison. You simply have bad luck and lose your bet at three times zero.

5. French Roulette in Casino Online

Many online casinos have a French Roulette table held by Evolution, the largest provider of live casino games. 

The croupier sits on a chair in the insert tableau, which is in French. Moreover, in effect is the en prison rule.

If you prefer single-odds games, Evolution’s French Roulette is a good option. Real French roulette, on the other hand, cannot be played online.

The real atmosphere and tension of French roulette can only be felt and experienced at a physical casino gaming table.

To sum up everything, you can figure out how to play French roulette and what the differences are with American roulette.

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