Infinite Blackjack

What is Infinite Blackjack

Evolution Gaming offers multiplayer gaming tables and are known for adding new twists to the classic game. They also did this for the game of Infinite Blackjack

The difference is that with Infinite Blackjack there is always a table available to play at. You never have to wait for a place. In addition, you can enjoy additional features and bets.

Infinite Blackjack Game Offer

Infinite Blackjack is played in its own lobby. This is unique because most of Evolution Gaming’s other live dealer games are played in a large studio where you get to see other games and tables in the background.

The tables are located in a quiet area. You will see the same background with the Blackjack logo every time. The dealers are calm and reserved. They work professionally and answer all your questions via the chat window.

The table layout of Infinite is deliberately kept very simple. There is only one player at each table. This means that only one betting area is available. The overall layout of the table is very user-friendly. 

This means that Infinite Blackjack is accessible game, even for players who have never played live Blackjack before.

This Blackjack variant can be played on the desktop, but is also fully adapted to the interface of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Infinite Blackjack Game Rules

Infinite Blackjack

The rules of are exactly the same as the rules of a general rules of blackjack with the exception of the ‘Six Card Charlie’. So, if a player manages to collect six cards without going over 21, he wins, even if the dealer has Blackjack.

Each player starts with the same two cards. What they do with those cards is up to them. You can see what the other players are doing with the same starting hand. Each player makes their own decisions are hit, fold, double or split. When all players are ready, the dealer’s hand is played. 

So all players can end up with different hands and different potential wins. The game starts with a standard two-card hand, but as the game unfolds, each player may end up with a different number of cards.

While physical cards are placed on the table, only the cards played by the player are displayed as virtual cards on the screen. This makes it easier for the player to see the result of his hand. Only on situs judi qq the best and most profitable gambling places.

The betting options of Infinite Blackjack vary depending on the online casino where you play. This can range from 1 euro to 1,000 euros. Some casinos adjust the betting limits to the needs of their players.

Side Bets

Most other Evolution Blackjack tables only have two side bets, but Infinite Blackjack has a total of 4:

  • pair
  • 21 + 3
  • hot 3
  • bust it

The name of the bet implies, a ‘pair’ is paid if the two cards you are dealt form a perfect pair.

The 21+3 side bet pays out if you can form one of the following combinations with your two face-up cards and the dealer’s face-up card are:

  • Suited Trips, three matching cards of the same suit
  • Straight Flush, three consecutive cards of different suits
  • Three of a Kind, three of the same cards in different suits
  • Straight, three cards in numerical order, but in different suits
  • Flush, three non-consecutive cards of the same suit

The hot 3 side bet is also determined based on your two face up cards and the dealer’s up card. To win, the total of three cards must be 19, 20 or 21.

If you bet on ‘Bust it’, you assume that the dealer will eventually go over 21. It doesn’t matter if he does this with three or six cards.


Within the Infinite Blackjack you will be given options to change the volume if you want to hear the dealer’s voice and the shuffle of the cards. In addition, you can also set the camera angle of your preference. 

Here you have two options are: 

  • one where the dealer and the gaming table occupy the entire screen
  • one where the screen is split between the dealer and the live table.

The chat box is located on the left side of your screen. You can collapse or expand the chat box according to your preferences.

In addition, you can also view game statistics and information such as the payouts and get a clear view of the bets of the other players. It is also possible to view your betting history so that you can strategies can adjust.

A disadvantage is that in Infinite Blackjack you cannot save your favorite bets. This is possible with some other live dealer games from Evolution Gaming.

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