Magnets from the Sakura School Simulator Game

Magnets from the Sakura School Simulator Game. Sakura School Simulator is a game that is perfect for those of you who like the RPG (role playing game) genre.

Since the first time Garusoft Development Inc. Sakura School Simulator released this game and received more than 10 million installs from all regions.

This game has good prospects because it is much sought after by gamers, especially those who like Japanese style.

The Sakura School Simulator game is indeed synonymous with school culture in Japan. Female players will love this game.

The concept is relaxed and calm, not too much action. You can enjoy school fashion designs, hairstyles and fun days.

Of course, since this game is an RPG genre, there are lots of game attributes that need to be loaded. To play this game, you need a minimum of 3GB of RAM and a minimum of Snapdragon 820 CPU.

You will not be able to enjoy the game perfectly if your phone specifications are below that.

What drives players to download and participate in this game? Let’s take a peek at Magnets from the Sakura School Simulator Game.

Graphic design

From the eyes to the heart. The adage is not wrong and applies to new games like Sakura School Simulator Game.

Not only will you feel like you’re watching an anime with your own story, but you’ll also enjoy drawing the characters.

Magnets from Sakura School Simulator Game

You can enjoy attractive designs ranging from clothes, skin colors, hair, faces and accessories. This game also gives you many color options.

From muted pastels to bold ones like black and purple. The many color choices make it easy for players to express themselves through the game.

The school building design is also good. You can really feel that you are in school. Especially when playing this game with VR, the real sensation will increase.

Although the design and action effects are still in beta, they are already a lot of fun with the unique and fun sound system effects.

This game uses today’s state-of-the-art technology but has the feel of an old-school game thanks to its sound and graphic design.

The Sakura School Simulator game does not only feature school buildings, but also houses that will later become a battle arena.

If you’ve seen anime like Nobita, Conan, and other Japanese anime, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in the same world. Building planning and residential plans are the same.

Game concept

The most important part and the attention of players after seeing the design is the concept of the game. Even though it is an RPG, Sakura School Simulator has a different game concept.

There are many genres so you don’t get bored. First, you can feel the action even while playing. They can go big and small and destroy other players in the same way. The gameplay depends on which action you choose.

You can do activities in the real world, from getting up, showering, getting dressed, going to school, doing school activities, to going home.

For those of you who like romance at school, you can make friends with male characters and also date. Every now and then you can also use various actions to release your frustration in the game.

Weapons can be borrowed from the Yakuza office. When you do that, other players can do the same. Watch out for other players, especially if they increase in size.

This game is a simulator game so there are many ways to beat your opponent. You don’t always have to rely on weapons. You can also destroy your opponent in other ways.

For those of you who don’t like thriller games, this is not a thriller game. You can vent your anger and beat up other players, but those players won’t die. You just passed out and woke up the next day. This game knows no death.

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