Monopoly Megaways Casino games real money

4 Best Things in Review Monopoly Megaways Casino Games Real Money

Most slot reviews of Monopoly Megaways Casino games real money are very positive. Really? Hm, you can read a substantiated opinion about this special slot here.

We love Monopoly, therefore, we always look forward to launching new Monopoly slots. Monopoly Megaways is kind of a good game.

Then, when game maker Big Time Gaming announced the new slot Monopoly Megaways, we couldn’t wait to test this game for a slot review.

However, it expanded with 1000 spins with real money. In addition, it is not based on playing fifteen minutes in fun mode.

Review Monopoly Megaways Casino Games Real Money

1. How Monopoly Megaways Casino Works?

Monopoly Megaways has six reels and each reel can have 2 to 7 symbols, for a maximum of 7x7x7x7x7x7=117,649 ‘ways’ to win.

All prizes count from left to right on the reels and as with any Megaways slot there is the cascade or avalanche effect.

The winning symbols certainly will disappear and the new symbols will take their place. A chain reaction, just like on Gonzo’s Quest and Tiki Fruits for example.

What is special is that at the bottom of the slot you see the streets of the Monopoly board game. With every winning combination on the reels, Mister Monopoly takes a number of steps across the board.

2. Saving Houses in Monopoly Megaways

What’s the point of those steps?

Then, except when you get three winning combinations within one spin, so three chain reactions. Mister Monopoly then builds one house on the street he lands on.

If you then get another winning combination, Mister Monopoly places 2 houses on the square where he lands. Another chain reaction produces 3 houses, and so on.

In addition, the land mr. Monopoly on a square where you can’t build houses, then you’re out of luck and you get nothing.

When you build a fifth house on a square, the Monopoly Megaways bonus round starts. So you gradually save the bonus round.

3. Special Spaces

Some boxes give something special:

  • Station: you get the station and your next bonus round starts with 1 extra free spin for each station you own.
  • Water Works and Electric Company: You get the utility company and the multiplier in the next bonus round is increased by +1.
  • Community Chest: Mister Monopoly moves to any space on the board.
  • Chance: Mister Monopoly moves to any space on the board, either your next spin is played with Max Megaways, or the bonus round starts immediately.
  • GO (Start): On the next spin you play with Max Megaways, meaning 7 symbols on each reel.

Community Chest and Chance can also yield an extra house, but that almost never happens, we can say that.

4. The Bonus Round

The bonus round of Monopoly Megaways consists of 8 free spins. For every station you own, there is a free spin added. Water Works and Electrical Company both increase your multiplier by +1.

During the bonus round, Mister Monopoly also walks around the board.

  • If you land on a street with houses, your multiplier increases by +1 for each house. The houses disappear from the board.
  • If you land on a station, you get an extra free spin for every station you own.
  • Landing on a utility increases your multiplier by +1 for each utility you own.

In theory you can keep playing indefinitely, as long as you get to a station often enough. According to Big Time Gaming, you can win thousands of times your stake this way.

In conclusion,  Monopoly Megaways Casino games real money can give a big prize. But it takes so long before you get the bonus that with the bonus round you often only win back your own lost money. If you’re lucky.