What is Monopoly Live Game

What is Monopoly Live Game

Monopoly live game is well-known from the game developer Evolution Gaming. The game is a live version of the well-known board game Monopoly and contains all the well-known features of the board game, such as the “Start”, Probabilities, houses and hotels and the prison.

Evolution Gaming is committed to providing an all-round gaming experience to its customers. Evolution Gaming regularly comes up with ideas for new games in addition to the usual live casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack. 

In addition to Monopoly Live, Evolution Gaming has also released other games with a nice twist, such as Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher. Monopoly Live is a popular game that can be played at many online casinos now. 

For example you can win extra rolls, bonus games and extra chance cards with a little luck. By spinning the Money Wheel you can win a bonus game if the wheel comes to rest on the correct space and you have bet on this space.


Monopoly Live Game: Basic Rules

Monopoly Live game is a modern online casino game, so the presenter will guide you through the game through a live stream.

The presenter spins a wheel that contains 54 boxes. You predict which square the wheel will stop on and place a bet on that square.

There are spaces on the wheel with a 1, 2, 5 or 10. If the wheel comes to rest on such a number, you win back your bet plus an additional number of times this bet corresponding to the number on the space. 

There are also spaces on the wheel with “2 ROLLS” and “4 ROLLS”. If the wheel stops on this and you have bet on one of these spaces, you will enter the bonus round! Stop the wheel on “2 ROLLS” or “4 ROLLS”, but didn’t you bet on these spaces? Then you can watch the bonus round gameplay, but you can’t get any extras.

Finally, the wheel can come to a stop on a space marked “Chance”. This means that you get a chance card. Mr Monopoly lets you pick a chance card.

Monopoly Live Game: Bonus

The bonus round is an augmented reality 3D bonus game. In the bonus round, MR Monopoly steps into the world of Monopoly and walks across the Monopoly game board. As he does this, he collects prizes, multipliers and other perks for you.

The length of Mr Monopoly’s walk depends on how many pips you roll. How many times you are allowed to throw also depends on the bonus space you bet on. If you had bet on “2 ROLLS”, you may roll twice. If you had bet on “4 ROLLS”, you can roll up to four times.

Did you win a multiplier before going to the bonus game? Then you can use it before the bonus game starts, which means that this multiplier will apply to all winnings you win during the bonus round.

Monopoly Live Game: Walk on the Board Game

Mr. Monopoly on monopoly live game, of course, starts on “GO”, aka Start. Before you roll and Mr Monopoly starts walking, he builds houses on some squares. This means that the corresponding space becomes worth more and therefore pays out an even better bonus if Mr Monopoly lands on it.

The dice are thrown on your behalf by an electronic shaker. This gives you as a player the guarantee that it is done fairly and that the throw is not manipulated. If you roll double, you will receive a cash prize and you may roll again.

The Monopoly Live game board also comes with some risks. In the unlikely event that you end up in jail, you have to roll double to get yourself out. Taxes unfortunately depress your profits by 10 or 20%, depending on the trade you end up on.

Monopoly Live Game: Opportunities and Limits

Can you use a strategy with the Monopoly Live game? Partly yes. You cannot use the game strategy that you have in card games such as blackjack and poker. But it is useful to know that the house edge in this game is incorporated in the payout percentages of each box on the wheel. Every bet has a certain ‘Return To Player’ or a payout percentage. 

The table below shows which payout percentage you get for which bet. This shows that boxes 2 and 10 have the highest payout percentage of around 96% and box 5 has the lowest payout percentage of 91.30%. 

It is smart to roughly memorize these percentages so that you know which subjects yield the most money. You can bet different amounts. The minimum amount is 10 cents and the maximum amount you can bet per spin is 500 euros.

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